Cancellation and Refund Policy

Company Name: Soft Sow

Nature of Services: Soft Sow provides digital marketing and software solutions, including Web Development, App Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, SEO, Local SEO, and SMM.

Cancellation Terms:

  • Recognizing the distinctive nature of our services, Soft Sow upholds a policy that refrains from entertaining refund requests once a project has commenced.
  • Clients reserve the right to terminate services at any juncture; however, no reimbursement will be facilitated for cancellations within the current month. Clients are required to furnish a written notice, which may be transmitted through text message or email. While any future payments will cease in such instances, prorated payouts will not be considered.
  • Refunds are not applicable in scenarios where clients diverge from Soft Sow’s recommended practices and approvals for specific changes. This encompasses aspects such as SEO research methods, content modifications, keyword optimization, webpage analysis, website connectivity, web and app development, and other online marketing strategies, as well as structural adjustments.
  • No reimbursement will be processed if the client enlists the services of another software solutions or digital marketing entity during the contractual term or initiates concurrent efforts in SEO, Web Development, App Development, and other online marketing.
  • Reimbursement is contingent upon the client’s provision of essential web access for SEO, Web Development, App Development, and other online marketing purposes, and the functionality of the client’s website or application. Failure to meet these criteria will render the refund request invalid.
  • Upon client approval of mock-up designs and the project’s transition to the testing stages, no payouts will be refunded.
  • Soft Sow does not entertain cancellations for special event-related services organized by our sales team. These time-sensitive offerings require a minimum 15-day notice for cancellation.
  • While Optimization for Search Engines (SEO), Web Development, App Development, and other online marketing packages remain non-refundable, clients may opt for service cancellation by providing a written notice at least 15 days in advance.
  • Funds or payouts are not reimbursed for projects that have been inactive, neglected, or dormant for a period surpassing 14 days.

Refund Policies:

The aforementioned refund policies are applicable to the cancellation of services provided by Soft Sow.

Cancellation Process:

Clients wishing to terminate services must submit a written notice, which can be conveyed through a text message or email. Any future payments will cease upon receipt of the notice; however, no prorated payouts will be approved.

Soft Sow reserves the right to review and modify this cancellation and refund policy at its discretion without prior notice.

Thank you for selecting Soft Sow.